[2016.04.03] Manga Talk @ Caracas April 15th ;)

Flyer made by me, of course :p

I’m going to be giving a talk on manga in Caracas!
Specifically, on the practices of professional manga artists in different countries, who are not Japanese. All in an effort to outline the many paths one can take towards being a professional comics/manga artist wherever you are or happen to be from. It will be held at Caracas Tea Company, a cozy little tea shop in Caracas, Venezuela (my hometown:) ) on April 15th, 2016 at 4:30 pm. There will be onigiri!! 🍙🍙🍙😍

I’m very grateful to Caracas Tea Company for letting me give this talk with their support. This is the 3rd time I’ve done a talk with them, and while at first I was NOT up for it at all, they nudged me on, and I’m now super motivated to give more and more talks about manga to the public. 🙇 If you’re around and interested, hope to see you there!


[01.04.2016] International Autism Day 2016



In honor of  International Autism Day today, I made this illustration, where I tried to capture the feeling of being autistic, of having a million worlds inside your head and being unable to express even 0.000000000001% of what you see in it. Autistic people are people too, and I want to support awareness for this issue, so it will be seen not as something that needs a cure, but rather as a difference that needs acceptance.

En honor al Dia Internacional del Autismo, he hecho esta ilustración, donde intenté expresar el sentimiento del autista, el cual tiene un millón de mundos y pensamientos en su mente, pero no es capaz de expresar ni un 0.000000000001% de lo que ve ahí. Las personas autistas son personas también, y quisiera apoyar esta causa, para que el autismo no siga siendo visto como algo que necesita una cura, sino mas bien, una diferencia que necesita aceptación.

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[2016.03.30] St. George and the Dragon (commission)


After a month-long hiatus (*ahem* vacation), I’m back to work, and I’m starting with this piece of St. George and the Dragon (St. George is the patron saint of England). It’s part of a story about overcoming your own demons, especially the “demon” of despair. This was commissioned by my good friend, Paul Crouse, and it will be featured soon in his blog, as the artwork for one of his great articles. I’ll be posting the link to the article here once it’s out. Paul is a spiritual teacher and guide, but unlike a lot of “gurus” out there, he’s down to earth and incredibly funny! Be sure to check out his site as well 💜

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[2016.02.23] The Fountain


[2016.02.23] The Fountain
a tribute to one of my favorite films (and comic)

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New OC’s

[2016.02]IncarnateElemental [2016.02]Starperson

New OCs for a new project 💙💜💚😸👽
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[Valentine’s Day 2016] Before Sunrise

Title: Before Sunrise

Date: 1995

Director: Richard Linklater

I just finished watching this, and I have decided this is my favorite romantic movie of all. It’s just so REAL, and understated and not pretentious. It really captures for me that “it” feeling, of love that can and does exist in real life. That’s why I didn’t like movies like “The Notebook”. They just feel so unrealistic, it’s a fantasy, a dream. There’s real magic in life, but it doesn’t look or feel like that. This movie for me captures that feeling, that you cannot put into words without straying far away to some other era or dream 🌅


[2016.02.13] 150


It happened sometime this week, but I apparently have a bit over 150 followers on Instagram! Wow, I never thought I would have followers at all. Thank you so much to all who like my stuff and support it. It’s awesome to get support, really encourages me to keep going and pulls me through rough times. Lots of 💚💜💙 ~peccosa.
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