[2016.01.05] Kiki


In honor of Miyazaki’s b-day
my favorite Ghibli character: Kiki 🐱💜🎃

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[2016.01.04] Lapis


🎶 She was trapped in a mirror
And it couldn’t be clearer
She wanted to leave this place
And get herself back in space
And dad you might think she’s a criminal
But her friendship comes through subliminal
Lapis Lazuli, you fled into the bottom of the sea
Lapis Lazuli, you were so mad, but then you came around to me 🎵

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[2016.01.02] Analyse




A self-fulfilling prophecy of endless possibility
You’re born and raised across the street
In algebra, in algebra

The fences that you cannot climb
The sentences that do not rhyme
In all that you can ever change
The one you’re looking for

It gets you down
It gets you down

There’s no spark
No light in the dark

#2016 #peccosa #featured #radiohead #thomyorke #analyse #theeraser

[2016.01.01] The Monkey Year


[2016.01.01] The Monkey Year

I can’t help associate monkeys with Goku 🐵💜
Tried my hand at digicolor again, not great, but still getting the hang of it.
the 3 stars represent my main 3 intentions/resolutions for this year
Hope you’re having a good intro to the year ❤

Tools: Corel Painter/Photoshop

[DailyDoodles] 2015.12.31 – Thank you


[DailyDoodles] 2015.12.31 – Thank you

2015 was…challenging for me, but I want to say thank you anyways.

nothing is wasted.

I learned a lot.

My life changed completely, and I hope to pick up the pieces now, and build up something completely new.

Have a good 2016, human beings 💜🌅

Tools: Pen and markers on copy paper

[DailyDoodles] 2015.12.26 – Rey


This is the first time I’ve ever done any Star Wars fan art, but Rey was such a well-written female lead that I just could not resist. For me, the movie itself was so-so, but she was perfect 🙂

Made with pencil, markers and colored pencils ~