[2016.01.28] Kuronuma


[2016.01.28] Kuronuma
She’s so sweet! 🌼💜
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[2016.01.25] Flower Tea (color)


[2016.01.25] Flower Tea (color) 🍵💚🌼

I decided to color the sketch I made for @caracasteaco as a way to continue to improve my digital art skills. It took a long time to finish this piece, because it was a sort of experiment, but I learned a whole lot. I think the next digital piece I make may go a lot faster ~

The original sketch for this piece is below, from this post of about a week ago.


Please let me know what you think in the comments! 💚

Art Trade 2016


My sister started this tradition a few years ago of exchanging artwork with friends and family through Facebook, and so for this year’s contribution, I drew this picture for her fiancee ( my soon to brother-in-law), who was appointed to me as my “secret santa” person to give artwork to this year (well, the drawing is for both of them really!). Here’s the picture he gave me for the re-draw:


I just posted it on the group we use to trade pics on Facebook, and he said he loved it! yay 😀

Featured online!

Oh my goodness! Nicole Bresner at talkingcomicbooks.com has featured my fanart of Scully for an article at this online site about comics and pop media! This is the first time I’ve been featured publicly as an artist, woo hoo! Thank you so much Nicole!!! 💜🌈
You can check out the article, about the revival of the X-files here:


here’s the pic I submitted:

*skips happily*

[2016.01.17] Water Dancer


[2016.01.17] Water Dancer
More #lapislazuli
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[2016.01.13] Rainy Tea Day


[2016.01.13] Rainy Tea Day
I didn’t feel good today, so I spent it enjoying the rain, and didn’t really draw much.I’m trying to work up the motivation for some big projects, but it’s been hard. Oh well, have to keep trying…
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