[01.04.2016] International Autism Day 2016



In honor of  International Autism Day today, I made this illustration, where I tried to capture the feeling of being autistic, of having a million worlds inside your head and being unable to express even 0.000000000001% of what you see in it. Autistic people are people too, and I want to support awareness for this issue, so it will be seen not as something that needs a cure, but rather as a difference that needs acceptance.

En honor al Dia Internacional del Autismo, he hecho esta ilustración, donde intenté expresar el sentimiento del autista, el cual tiene un millón de mundos y pensamientos en su mente, pero no es capaz de expresar ni un 0.000000000001% de lo que ve ahí. Las personas autistas son personas también, y quisiera apoyar esta causa, para que el autismo no siga siendo visto como algo que necesita una cura, sino mas bien, una diferencia que necesita aceptación.

tags: #2016 #TEA #leydelautismo #InternationalAutismDay #illustration #inks #peccosa



2 thoughts on “[01.04.2016] International Autism Day 2016

  1. I really appreciate, that you are taking part at raising awareness for people with autism. I think your picture is a beautiful description, portraying the condition in some of us. Great work and pretty cool illustration ; )

    1. Thank you very much for your comment! It is a cause dear to my heart, so I will always be working towards more acceptance and awareness.

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